Prices - Salpaus Further Education



Lunch Special lunch​ Light lunch​
Price 7,40 euros​ 9,40 euros​ 5,40 euros​
Degree students​ 2,60 euros​ 4,95 euros​ 2,10 euros​

Other paying students​
 - tax free *

 - tax included *


5,90 euros​

6,75 euros


7,10 euros​

8,10 euros


4,35 euros

4,95 euros


* ) Student lunch is tax free. If a person is not able to prove oneself as a student by showing a valid student ID, the tax is added to the lunch price.
Lunch, light lunch and special lunch include main course, salad buffet, bread, spreading and drinks.

Lunch does not include dessert, except on soup days.
Other than degree student lunches include coffee or tea.


Ask also more about reloadable value card.