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15.3.2017 0:00

We recorded all-time high in international mobility this year!

​The students and teachers of basic vocational qualification in social welfare and healthcare in Salpaus Further Education recorded all time high this year in student and staff mobilities: All together 26 students and 3 teachers have attended in foreign placements during the on-going school year of 2016-2017. Our old partners come from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Leverkusen in Germany, Akyreyri in Iceland and Copenhagen in Denmark. We have also acquired new partners in Malta, Mexico, Thailand, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Networking creates possibilities

We are partners in various international networks like caring Steps and Ilona. Also, we are partners in European projects funded by the European Union. 
• European Skills and Competencies for Social and Health Care 1 ja 2
• Focus on Skills, Competence and Quality Assurance in Mobility (FOSC 3)
• European Learning Pathways for Social and Health Care
• Ilona-Voluntary Work in Welfare Sector
The international activities have provided us new ideas and experience in care sector that we are able to apply in the reform of the VET-curriculum and as a content in our learning process. We have learned to appreciate the Finnish expertise in social welfare and healthcare sector, and also, we have learned to understand the different framework of the sector in various part of the world. This provides us a good basis to educate and train our students, both young and adult to become global citizens and find work in various parts of the world in addition to continue studies to a higher education.
Yet, the best result of our success in international activity is that we have been able to provide each student in personalized, individual international learning path a good placement abroad that supports the learning process with a unique combination of knowledge, skills and competence.


Each mobility period has been documented in blogs that can be found, unfortunately in Finnish only:


Text: Ulla Pantsar, based on a report by Tuula Hovilainen-Kilpinen
Picture: Janita Tetri