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Street market.
7.12.2012 9:00

Salpaus Business Students Visited Slovenia

Salpaus business students spent three weeks in the city of Ptuj in Slovenia. The aim of the trip was to study and to write a business plan with Slovenian students. What did our students learn and how was the trip like? Read this report and you´ll know.

Monday 12.11.2012

We arrived in the beautiful dream city of Ptuj. We went to eat with two Slovenians and saw a little bit of the city. And here we will stay for next three weeks.

Tuesday 13.11.

The first time that we met each other. The principal gave us a lovely welcoming speech. We got a tour around the school, after that we toured around the city of Ptuj and visited Qlandia shopping center. 

Wednesday 14.11.

We started making the business plan and after the lunch the Slovenian students gave us a presentation about Slovenia and the culture.

Thursday 15.11.

We continued the business plan and then we gave the Slovenians two presentations, about Finland and about Lahti.

Friday 16.11.

Started normally with the business plan. After this the Slovenians took us to a producing company. In the evening Maša took us to see Vox Arsana (worldfamous Slovenian A cappella band) with a local Big Band.

Saturday 17.11.

All of the students went bowling and had a great time.

Monday 19.11.

We started normally with the business plan and continued it after lunch. Afterwards we walked to the castle of Ptuj and got a tour around the castle, which was really interesting.

Tuesday 20.11.

We started the morning with the business plan and then got high quality Slovenian lessons. After the lessons we tried to teach Finnish to the Slovenian students. We ate lunch and then continued the business plan. At 12.30 we visited the Grand Hotel Primus, which was really interesting also.

Wednesday 21.11.

The morning was normal like always with business plan, lunch and business plan again. At 1 pm we visited the RM VUK HOLDING, a local welding company, who operates also in Finland (e.g. Olkiluoto 3) and we saw probably the richest man we have ever seen live.

Thursday 22.11.

We started with the report from the first 10 days of living in Slovenia.  We visited the Secondary School of Agricultural College and had horseback riding in our programme.

Friday 23.11.

We went in to Maribor with Slovenian students. We walked around the city and saw some sights. After the tour we went to a large shopping center and we spent couple of hours in there.

Monday 26.11.

Just a regular schoolday. We visited street market and bought some things. We went to Cafe Evropa with our friends.

Tuesday 27.11.

We were at school just one hour, and after that we went to Maribor by bus. First we were eating and hanging around, and after that we went to the theatre to see a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It was a lovely weather, so in the afternoon we went to do some shopping in Ptuj.

Wednesday 28.11.

Postojna cave
and Ljubljana

Thursday 29.11.

Preparing for the presentations of our business plans and finally the presentations. There were students from different classes who came to listen to us. The presentations were quite a success!

Friday 30.11.

More presentations, project summary and Goodbye, See You!
Text and pictures: Otso Tuominen, Santeri Liikonen, Saija Kinnari, Kristian Peltojoki, Roope Virtanen and Annabella Reichert