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International guests in Salpaus
Tone Roinesdal from Norway, George Bekiaridis from Greece and Shaddy Mansouri-Marsh, Hannah O'shea and Michelle Petros from England visited Salpaus.
4.12.2012 15:05

International Guests Visit Salpaus Immigrant Integration Training

​At the end of November 2012 Salpaus Further Education held a seminar which was part of the project Tools for empowering through language. Salpaus received guests from six European countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Turkey and Greece.

The aim of the seminar was to compare methods in immigrant integration training and language teaching.
Tone Roinesdal from Norway was happy to come to Finland. She said “Your Pisa results are very good. You must be doing something right.”
“Finland is very good in using technology. You’re so passionate about using it”, said Shaddy Mansouri-Marsh from England.
Technology and e-learning was one of the top themes of the seminar. Finnish language teacher Mari Lampinen introduced Salpaus e-learning systems.
She told “In Salpaus immigrant integration training almost every Finnish course has its own blog. In Finland you must have good computer skills when you go to work. That´s why we practice this also within our education.”

Authentic materials versus study books

Authentic materials are good tools for immigrants to learn new languages.
“Instead of using fake timetables from study books we use real bus timetables. At the same time you learn the culture,” explained Shaddy Mansouri-Marsh.
Learning the culture of your new home country is as important as learning the language.
“You must know the culture to get work, to support your kids in school and be an active part of society”, listed Shaddy Mansouri-Marsh ja Tone Roinesdal.
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Text and picture: Silja Häikiö