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Vocational adult education system in Finland

The vocational adult education system in Finland includes
three levels:

  • vocational qualifications
  • further qualifications
  • specialist qualifications

Competence-based qualifications 

The Finnish system of competence-based qualifications has been designed specifically for adults. It allows adults to demonstrate their professional skills and obtain an official qualification even without previous formal training. When applying for a qualification, the skills and competences of the applicant are compared to the national requirements.
The studies are based on individual learning programmes, which are drawn up separately for each student.
The students demonstrate their competences in authentic working situations. Representatives of employers, employees and teachers have an important role in planning, implementing and assessing compentence-based qualifications.
The requirements for competence-based  qualifications are decided by the Finnish National Board of Education. The modules of  the qualification, the vocational skills required in the qualification
and the assessment criteria are determined in the requirements.
All completed qualifications give eligibility for further studies in polytechnics and universities.