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Exchange and mobility

In adult education, we encourage our students to spend some time abroad in on-the-job learning. We take part in excange projects with receiving partners, but also give financial support for those organizing their on-the-job learning period by themselves.

Teachers are also involved in the ongoing exchange programmes for disseminating and learning good practices.  

LAMP (Leonardo Adult Mobility Pool)

In 2011 - 2013 we take part in LAMP, a project that aims to support and develop the adult students' professional skills as well as the skills to work abroad and in multicultural work environments. The duration of an exchange is 3 - 10 weeks. There are plenty of receiving partners in a total of 16 European countries. The project is coordinated by The Finnish Association for the Development of Vocational Education and Training AMKE. 


Assistant teachers

Beatriz Bernal Valencia, more familiar Bea

Bea came to Finland through Comenius programme in autumn 2011. She had spent first seven months in Lapland, Rovaniemi and desided to go on with 9 months job period abroad in Lahti in Salpaus Further Education.
But why Spanish Bea became interested in Finland?
- When I had my exchange period in Aachen, Germany a couple of years ago my best friend there was finn. I decided to find out what kind of country Finland actually is.     
In her work Bea helps for instance English and Spanish language teachers. She also hopes that she had the possibility to give students work shops in cartoon making. Bea has taken a master level graduation of visual arts. She intents to stay in Finland for a longer time and even plans studies in University of Applied Sciences in visual arts study programme.


Contact information

For more information, please contact
Ms. Marja Orpana-Niitlahti, teacher